Welcome back and I am glad to see you have made it back to join us for another week of learning. I hope you find these blogs full of information. If you have questions about the blog please feel free to reach out to me and let me know. I can’t stress to you enough I want you to understand every step.  This week we are going to review where to start and what each tab stands for. Again I am going to take you from start to finish so some of this may be elementary to some and not to others but I want to make sure we all understand what I am talking about as we move forward and where to find the information to get us there. WHERE TO START ONCE PROGRAM IS OPENED

  1. You will notice that the Control Center tab is clicked on.
  2. XactAnalysis Address if you are asked what this address is. This is where you find it.
  3. Project Pane this is where you find your most recent projects that you have entered.
  4. Project Preview Pane this is where you have a preview of the sketch work area.

As you can see there are many features in the Control Center tab. XactAnalysis is where you may receive assignments from different companies. You can send and receive assignments from this location. I use my Project Pan when entering a new customer because it will let you know if you have any other customers with the same name. You will also notice that in the Project Pane there are only the last 10 projects. This is important to know as this question may come up on a test. We will cover the Projects tab next time to show you the difference. Project Preview allow you to preview the print before you open it.